Van Stiefel

Jargo's Table
Four networked laptops running custom software. Each laptop controls only one parameter: durations, pitch content, timbre, and texture.

Solaris, mov. 2
e-gtr with laptop running ChucK. alto fl, Ed Schulz (Network for New Music)

Daniel Lippel, solo electric guitar

Cinema Castaneda Excerpt
Minneapolis Guitar QuartetLabel: InnovaRelease: March 2013

Another Ring of Fire
Sap Dream Guitar Quartet David Nadal, Bryce Dessner, Daniel Lippel, and Van Stiefel December 2004

the lite principle, mov. 2
amplified alto-fl, e-gtr, and vibes

Smoke and Mirrors
vln and e-gtr Nurit Pacht, vln Daniel Lippel, gtr

Octet, mov. 3
fl, cl, hp, pno, and string quartet. The Nash Ensemble of London

Hidden Noise of Carlotta
for orchestra