New Focus Recordings releases Solaris, a CD of chamber music involving electric guitar. Recorded at Soft Landing Studios, Brooklyn, Steve Giesengraber, engineer. Made possible with support from: Electric Guitar Arts, West Chester University Faculty Development Fund, and the Hambidge Center.

Solaris (21:41) Ed Schultz, alto flute and Van Stiefel, electric guitar with laptop. 

Souls and Raindrops (5:53) Text by Sydney Lanier (1842-1881). 
Holly Nadal, vocals; David Nadal and Van Stiefel, electric guitars.

The Shape of Hands (four pieces for solo guitar)
Made (5:20) 
Gesture (3:19)
Wrung (5:06)
Sewn (4:59)
Dan Lippel, electric guitar

Smoke and Mirrors (16:55) 
Nurit Pacht, violin and Dan Lippel, electric guitar